Ulusoy Deniz Yolları Isletmeciligi A.S. offers a complete ship management service for the independent ship owners.

It is  the policy  of Ulusoy Deniz Yolları Isletmeciligi A.S.to provide services of a consistent and controlled quality which includes statutory and other formally  defined  requirements relating to safety , environmental controls and prevention of pollution.

It is our intention  to ensure that our quality standarts are effectively maintained and continually improved by consistent application  to our Safety and Quality Management System.The system is subject to continuous appraisal and when areas for change are
identified,these are introduced following carefull assessment, for the benefit of service to the customers and the improvement as a whole of the Management System.

Effectiveness of the quality management system will be reviewed on management meeting.

The Documented Management System,as defined in this manual and in the  associated procedure documents,complies with the requirements of  BS EN ISO 9001:2000 (hence forth referred to as “The Standard“) and with the requirements of the International Management Code For The Safe Operation of Ships and for Polllution Prevention IMO Resolution A.741(18) as amended by MSC.104(73) (International Safety Management ISM Code).

The Quality Representative  is responsible for ensuring that the defined  requirements and procedures are implemented and maintained, that quality  assurance problems are identified and corrective actions/ preventive actions are carried out.

All members of staff,at all levels of responsibility,are aware of the requirements of the Quality Management System and of our commitment to providing services of onsistent quality. In order to ensure that quality requirements are met there is a defined management esponsibility to ensure that all personnel are adequately trained and suitably experienced.