We are committed to providing our Customers with a complete shipping service that
meets their requirements at all times. It is our intention always to be recognised as
offering a high quality service.

It is Our Policy to ensure that our services comply with statutory and other formally
defined requirements that concern safety, protection of the environment and the
needs of our customers.  It is our intention to provide services of a consistent
and controlled quality; and to ensure that our high standards are maintained at
all times.

We will achieve this by  :

  • Having staff who are committed to and use our management approach in all aspects of our operation.
  • Training of all staff to ensure that they are capable of meeting our defined standards.
  • Consistently operating the documented Management System.
  • Constantly looking at ways to improve our service through operational efficiency, which includes health and safety at work and the needs of the environment.
  • An important element of this policy is: To ensure that it is properly communicated and understood throughout the Company (including all offices and ships) and that every employee understands their contribution to our objectives.

Staff having a defined involvement with the operation of the management system will
be  informed of their responsibilities in the relevant procedures. Other staff will be
made aware  of the management’s philosophy by the display of this Policy statement.

This Management System complies with the requirements of the International Safety
Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships ISM Code (2000) and for
Pollution Prevention (MARPOL) and ISO 9001(2000).