We stepped into shipping industry in 1981 with our company called Ulusoy Denizcilik A.S as Shipping Agent , which we still pursue.

Following glasnost in ex U.S.S.R and increasing demand in the market that arose from the growth of commercial relations with Russia, we became a ship-owner ship-owning by purchasing our first RoRo vessel with 40 trailer capacity in 1994 and opened Samsun-Novorossiysk line which bridge Turkey and Russia. After a short period of time, we increased the number of vessels to three (3) and started operating between both Samsun-Novorossiysk and Derince-Ilyichevsk.

During the year 1996, we established our management company called “Ulusoy Sealines Management S.A.” and started in-house operation and management of our own vessels.

In 1999, by purchasing two (2) RORO vessels with 80 vehicles capacity, we began operating regular voyages between Çeşme and Trieste.

Due to demand from the market, our group decided to increase capacity of RORO fleet which were operating in Çeşme-Trieste line and supersede them with larger, 135-150 vehicle capacity vessels.

Again in 2003, we aspired to add another field of activity to our group, the port management, by offering the highest bid in the tender and acquired the Management Rights of Port of Çeşme for 30 years with an agreement that’s been signed with Privatization Administration and Turkish Maritime Lines on 06.06.2003.

In 2007, in accordance with the positive developments in the world economy, we decided to enter the bulk market and renovate our RORO fleet.

Today, we own one (1) 12000 DWT, one (1) 22000 DWT which were built in 2008 and two (2) 80000 DWT 2011 built bulk carrier vessels.

The RORO vessels with 4100 Lanemeters capacity, which we ordered to renovate our fleet, will be delivered in 2013’s first quarter.

Through the years we’ve left behind, our group successfully stood up against the national and global economic crises just like our vessels sailing in stormy weathers worldwide. Today we continue to grow and operate in all areas of international shipping industry in conformity with all international regulations, especially with our RORO, bulk cargo, agency services and port operations.

Contribution to education is one of the most important duties of humankind. Ulusoy, who adopted this as a principle, founded a modern, fully equipped boarding Maritime College with 20 classes for 480 student capacity in Çeşme. This school will continue to graduate highly qualified iron seamen for shipping world.

We are proud of it.

Thank you for your continuous support.

                                                                                                                Bon Voyage,

                                                                                                               Mesut CESUR
                                                                                                             General Manager