Cesme, which is founded on the Aegean sea coast , with its 3000 years of history and location, and hosted many societies  civilizations  consisting of such as  of Ions, Lydians, Romans, Bergamians, Greeks, Arabs and Turks, and  is Turkey’s one of the leading historical and touristic  districts towns.its situated at the westernmost point of the silk way and connected to the city of İzmir by a motorway.its also situated opposite to the Chios island.

Followed by  upon acquisition of the operating rights of Cesme Port on 06.06.2003 from the Privatization Administration and Turkey Maritime Organization Inc., the operating rights of Cesme Port on 06.06.2003:

in order to;

  • increase the effectiveness and efficiency of port services, to ensure the maximum utilization of resources,
  • contribute to the national and regional economy,
  • manage the ports with modern operating techniques and practices,
  • create a flexible tariff structure suitable for  the  free market economy conditions,
  • meet the superstructure  and infrastructure investment requirements of the port and to keep it up with technological developments,
  • increase employment and to ensure appropriate work place  conditions,
  • Investments continued in order to operate the ports, according to the commercial principles requirements  in a competitive environment, and the port area of of 27,000 m2  at the time of acquisition is expanded to 85.000 m2.

Temporary storage area was established  constructed and opened for service at a distance of 3 km from the Cesme port, and an area of 45,000 m² was purchased  for future use as storage area to be used in the future as a storage area.

On the other hand, considering the height the increase in the  length and width of the new generation vessels, and the number of passengers they carry, the length of our existing pier has been extended from 150 meters to 322 meters, and also in order to avoid the interference of Ro-Ro vessels and cruise vessels traffics with one another Ro-Ro pier was built constructed and put into service, which consists of 5 dollies with a length of 213 meters, so that the traffic of cruise ships and cruise ships do not affect each other.

In addition, in accordance with the Tugboat and Pilotage Regulation/laws  on Tugboat and Pilotage, our marine vehicles have been renewed, and i this respect  a pilot boat capable of performing  with a speed of 24 miles of speed and a tugboat with a bollard pull of 30 tons and fire extinguishing capacity  of 1,200 m3 / hour of water & foam spraying  and fire extinguishing capacity has been put into service.

Çeşme Port has equipment to serve to;
1. Ro-Ro vessels,
2. Cruises, ferry boats and mega yachts
3. Daily ferries between Cesme-Chios Island.

In Cesme Port;
One 330 meters Cruise and Ro-Ro Pier
One 215 meters Ferry ve Ro-Ro Pier
One 50 meters ferryboat Pier
are available.

Cesme Liman