Ulusoy Maritime Inc , Founded in 1981, as one of Turkey’s oldest and most experienced agencies, together with the reliable brand name of Ulusoy, the company is providing agency services to the shipping industry with its principle of ‘’everything is on time’’ with  nearly 40 years of experience, with strong and well-equipped team to all kinds of vessels  in all ports of Turkey, the Turkish straits, in all the yards and dry-docks.

By working closely with the Port Authorities, local authorities and service providers, it is one of our primary principles to serve to our clients  with the minimum ship  delays and minimum cost.

Ulusoy Maritime Inc.  provides agency services for all types of ships and cargoes in all Turkish ports and Turkish straits, in line with the demands and expectations of its customers. Our aim is to provide, agency services to suit individual needs/requirements  for all types of ships and cargoes as below , as per the demands of the individual  customer.

  • Ro-Ro, container and tanker vessels / cargoes
  • Liner vessels / cargoes
  • Tramp vessels /cargoes
  • Vessels coming to Turkish dry-docks
  • Newbuilding vessels being or to be built in Turkish shipyards
  • All vessels needing husbandry services

Ulusoy is one of the most experienced liner agents in our country. Since 1996, it provides agency services to the vessels which has regular Ro-Ro line between Samsun-Novorossisk ports and from 2000, between Çeşme-Trieste ports.   For this reason, with our experience in liner agency services, which we have gained over the years, we have  the ability to perform perfect and smooth liner ship agency services in all Turkish ports to the line operating companies.

Our agency has the competence to meet the following needs in the most appropriate/efficient and timely manner;

  • Delivery of cash to the masters, posts,mails, charts and other nautical publications to the vessels
  • Organizing dry-docking and arranging entry and exits of the vessels to the Turkish shipyards, giving agency services and technical support in this regard
  • Supplying  fresh water, bunkers , provisions , duty free and all kinds of other  materials
  • Organizing crew change , arranging medical assistance , spare parts/equipment clearance and delivery to the vessels ,arranging motorboat service, and courier services.