1981 – Entered Shipping Sector with Shipping Agency services 

1994 – Establishment of Samsun-Novorossiysk Ro-Ro Line

1997 – Establishment of Derince-Ilichevsk Ro-Ro Line

1998 – Establishment of Zonguldak-Yevpotaria Ro-Ro Line

2000 – Establishment of Çeşme-Trieste Ro-Ro Line

2003 – On 06.06.2003, obtaining the concession rights  to operate Çeşme Port from Turkey Maritime Organization Inc. and  privatization authority

2008 – Entering Dry Cargo sector by taking possession delivery of 22000 DWT ULUSOY-8 and 12000 DWT ULUSOY-9 vessels which are built in China

2008 – Completion of Ulusoy Maritime Anatolian High School with 20 classrooms and 480 student capacity and starting giving education

2009 – Completion of second pier of 213 meters length in Çeşme Port

2011 – Taking possession delivery of 80000 DWT ULUSOY-11 and ULUSOY-12 Kamsarmax vessels which are built in China.

2011 – Establishment of the company Trieste Gateway S.R.L and taking over the majority of the shares of the company Trieste Intermodal Maritime S.R.L

2012 – Taking possession delivery of the vessel Ulusoy-14 which has with 4100 lanemeter capacity and which is built in Germany/Flensburg

2013 – Extention of first pier in Çeşme Port from 150meters to 322 meters

2013 – Taking possession delivery of the vessel Ulusoy-15 which has with 4100 lanemeter capacity and which is built in Germany/Flensburg

2015 – Starting container and swap body transportation with our Ro-Ro fleet in Çeşme-Trieste line

2019 – Putting installation of scrubbers on the vessels which are operating in Çeşme-Trieste line

2021 – Taking delivery of the new building 700DWT tanker M/T ÇEŞME-3

2022 – Purchasing 2016 built roro vessel M/V ULUSOY-16 having 4100 lane meters capacity

2023 – Obtaining extention grant on our existing concession rights in Çesme port until 06.06.2052 from the Turkish Privatization Authority

2023 – Obtaining concession rights on new TIMT terminal (pier number 42/43) in Trieste from Trieste Port Authority valid untill 04.10.2047