Donatan Ulusoy Denicilik A.Ş.
Yönetici Ulusoy Denizyolları İşletmeciliği A.Ş.
Çağrı İşareti TCTC7
Imo Numarası 9498884
Bayrak Türk
Sicil Limanı İstanbul
İnşaa Yeri / Tarihi Nisan / 2008 –Zhejiang /China
Yapımcı Zhejiang Zhaobao Shipbuilding
Yard No 0607008
Gemi Tipi CSA ф CSM Bulk Carrier ,Strengthened for Heavy Cargoes,ESP
Klas Breau Veritas
P & I Club SKULD / Oslo
Crew Nationality Turkish


Yaz Kış Tropikal
DWT 11853.40 mts on abt. 8.000 m 11465.90 mts on abt. 7.833 m 12243.80 mts on abt. 8.167 m
Panama Suez International
Gemi Tekne Ağırlığı N/A. 9115,6 mt / 7693,7 mt 8556 mt / 5006 mt


Loa 135.04 m
Lbp 125.40 m
Breadth 20.80 m
Depth 11.0 m
Desing Draft Depth 8.00 m
Free Board mm (at desing draft T = 8 m)


No Name Frame C.B.M Size
1 No.1 Cargo Hold 126-162 4781.06 20.3m x 15m
2 No.2 Cargo Hold 82-126 6464.74 23.1m x 15m
3 No.3 Cargo Hold 97-130 6389.39 24.5m x 15m


Name Length B - aft B - fwd Depth
No.1 Cargo Hold 24.50 m 15.10 m 2.50 m 10.0 m
No.2 Cargo Hold 31.15 m 15.10 m 15.10 m 10.0 m
No.3 Cargo Hold 30.75 m 10.20 m 15.10 m 10.0 m

STRENGTHS (All in mtons per SQM):

Holds Upper Deck
15.0 mts 1.20 mts

GEARS (IHI Electro Hydraulic Cranes – 3 x 25 Tons SWL):

Type Electro Hydroulic
Location Fwd, 1-2, 2-3 (located between hatches) serving all holds
Working Radius 5.9/26 m

TANK KAPASİTELERİ (100% Doluluğa Göre):

Fresh Water
285 m3
Fuel Oil
750 m3
Diesel Oil
247 m3
20 m3
3.125 m3

Ana Makine:

Model One (1) set -4 stroke single acting trunk piston,turbo charged reversible type marine diesel engine
MCR 3309 kW at approx. 220 rpm
CSR 2813 kW at approx. 208 rpm

Yakıt Tüketimi:

Laden Abt 13,00 knots/abt 12.5mtons/day IFO 380CST +abt 1,5mtons/day MGO for D/G
Ballast Abt 13,50 knots /abt 12.0mtons/day IFO380CST + abt 1,5mrons/day MGO for D/G
Limanda Beklerken Abt 1 mtons/day MGO
Limanda Yüklerken abt 2 mtons/day MGO
Bunker Specs IFO-380 cst at 50 degree and max density 991kg/m3 at 15degree MGO –ISO 8217 grade DMA (Vessel to burn MGO+IFO with Sulphur content in accordance with national and international requirements)

Vessel’s speed is given under good weather condition i.e. wind and sea of Beaufort Force 3 and max Douglos seastate 3 or less provided no adverse current and no swell. (Vessel to use MGO instead of IFO when proceeding rivers/narrow waters/canals/ channels/ leaving-arriving ports/ maneuvering.)

Ana Dizel Jeneratör Makinesi:

Model 4 cycle, single acting, trunk piston, turbo charged marine diesel engine
No. Of Set Three ( 3 ) Sets
Rated Horse Power 350 Kw
Rated Revolation 1500 r / min
Volts A.C. 400V
Frequency / Phase 50Hz. Three Phase

Ana Jeneratör:

Type Synchronous generator ,brushless,self-excitation ,continious rating ,drip-proof ,self ventilated.
Output 350 Kw
Rated Revolution 1000 r/min
Volts A.C. 400V
Frequency 50Hz.



Auxiliary Boiler Cylindrical Shell One ( 1 ) Set
Steam Condition 0.7Mpa. Saturated
Evaporation Oil fired section Abt 0.5 t/h
Exhaust section Abt 1.5 t/h

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