Donatan Ulusoy Denizyolları İşletmeciliği A.Ş.
Yönetici Ulusoy Denizyolları İşletmeciliği A.Ş.
Çağrı İşareti TCSS9
Imo Numarası 9458250
Bayrak Türk
Sicil Limanı İstanbul
İnşaa Yeri / Tarihi Ocak / 2008 – Songmen / China
Yapımcı Zhejiang Pasific Shipbuilding / Tangjiao Village,Songmen Town/China
Yard No HQ-1001
Gemi Tipi Double side skin Bulk carrier # Hull , Heavy Cargo ESP, Ice,Unrestricted navigation
Klas Breau Veritas


Yaz Kış Tropikal
DWT 22.303 mts on about 9.80m 21607 mts on about 9.596m 22.949 mts on about 10.004m
Panama Suez International
Gemi Tekne Ağırlığı / 12452mt 15700mt / 11855mt 14852mt / 7662mt


Loa 159.90 m
Lbp 149.80 m
Breadth 24 m
Depth 13.6 m
Registered Length 150.64 m
Desing Draft Depth 9.80 m
Free Board 3818mm (at desing draft T = 9,80 m)


No Name Frame C.B.M
1 No.1 Cargo Hold 159-187 4109.79
2 No.2 Cargo Hold 130-159 5664.19
3 No.3 Cargo Hold 97-130 6642.66
4 No.4 Cargo Hold 70-97 5347.79
5 No.5 Cargo Hold 35-70 6367.38


Name Length B - aft B - fwd Depth
No.1 Cargo Hold 21 m 17 m 6.90 m 15.75 m
No.2 Cargo Hold 21 m 21.40 m 17.20 m 15.75 m
No.3 Cargo Hold 24 m 21.40 m 21.40 m 15.75 m
No.4 Cargo Hold 19.50 m 18.50 m 21.40 m 15.75 m
No.5 Cargo Hold 25.40 m 8.90 m 18.10 m 15.75 m

STRENGTHS (All in mtons per SQM):

Hatch Covers Tank Top Upper Deck
1.75 mts 20.0 mts 1.20 mts

GEARS (IHI Electro Hydraulic Cranes – 3 x 25 Tons SWL):

Type Electro Hydroulic
Location 1-2 3-4 4-5 (located between hatches) serving all holds
Working Radius 20/4.5 m
Hoist High 35 m
Hoist Speed 25-50m /min
Lowering Speed 50m /min

TANK KAPASİTELERİ (100% Doluluğa Göre):

Fore Peak Tank
No:1 Ballast Water Tank(P)
No:1 Ballast Water Tank(S)
No:1 Side Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:2 Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:2 Side Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:3 Ballast Water Tank(S)
No:3 Side Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:4 Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:4 Side Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:5 Ballast Water Tank(S)
No:5 Side Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
No:6 Ballast Water Tank (P/S)
Aft Balast Tank (P/S)

Ana Makine:

Type MAN-B&W 7S35MC
Model 2-Strokes Single Action, Exhaust Turbo-Chargıng, Reversıble, Marine Diesel Engine
MCR 5,180kW at approx. 173rpm
CSR 4,662kW at approx. 167rpm

Yakıt Tüketimi:

Laden abt 13.00 Knots / abt 19.00 tons/day IFO380 + 1.5 tons/day IFO180 for Aux.Eng.
Ballast abt 13.50 Knots / abt 18.50 tons/day IFO380 + 1.5 tons/day IFO180 for .Aux.Eng
Limanda Beklerken abt 1.8 tons/day IFO180 + 1.0 ton/day MDO for boiler
Limanda Yüklerken abt 3.0 tons/day IFO180 + 1.5 ton/day MDO for booiler O
Bunker Specs IFO380 cst for m/e + IFO180 cst for d/g and MDO for boiler (Vessel to burn MDO+ifo with sulphur content in accordance with national and international requirements)

Vessel’s speed is given under good weather condition i.e. wind and sea of Beaufort Force 3 and max Douglos seastate 3 or less provided no adverse current and no swell. (Vessel to use MGO instead of IFO when proceeding rivers/narrow waters/canals/ channels/ leaving-arriving ports/ maneuvering.)

Ana Dizel Jeneratör Makinesi:

Type 6210ZL C-2 / 3 sets / 528 KW
Model Vertical, 4-stroke cycle, single acting, water-cooled trunk piston, direct injection diesel engine with turbocharger.

Ana Jeneratör:

Type Drip proof, self ventilated, brush-less type
Output 456 Kw
Rated Revolution 720 r/min
Volts A.C. 450V
Frequency 60Hz.

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