Changing economic conditions and technical development in the world also affected maritime trade and forced structural changes in it. With the advancement of speeds and diversification of the functions of vessels, it became possible to reach distant markets, along with the sea transportation having switched to container, RoRo transport from simple bulk carriage. From this point on the importance of combined transportation services grew, which enabled transporters to give door to door services by integrating land, sea and air transports.

As Ulusoy Shipping Group, one of our services is Roll-On Roll-Off (RoRo) transportation which is a variant of combined transportation. Today we are serving this field of activity in Turkish and World seas, our regular lines such as Çeşme-Trieste, Samsun-Novorossiysk and Zonguldak-Yevpatoria in particular.

Departing from Port of Çeşme, which is under Ulusoy’s management, with our vessels Ulusoy 5, Ulusoy 7, Ulusoy 10 and Saffet Bey, regularly operating between Çeşme-Trieste line, we continue to offer solutions to companies that work between Turkey and Europe.

Alongside with serving Mediterranean economies, we also act like a bridge between another important trade route for Turkey, i.e. Russia, with our vessel Ulusoy 1 in Samsun-Novorossiysk line since 1994. Another Black Sea destination, Zonguldak-Yevpatoria, is also being regularly operated with our good vessel Ulusoy 2.

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