Ulusoy has been providing regular Ro-Ro Services between Cesme-Trieste since 03.09.2000

Cesme, the second biggest import and export center in Turkey, is the extreme western point of Turkey and is located in the Aegean Region. Our present Ro-Ro Line with its convenient transportation facilities and a shorter distance, as shown in the table below, is offering great advantages to the International Transporters, located particularly in the Aegean Region, West of Mediterranean Region and Central Anatolia as well as Marmara Region:

ANTALYA 656 756 549
AYDIN 681 781 201
BURSA ROADWAY 209 309 410
DENIZLI 622 722 327
IZMIR 561 621 91
KONYA 672 772 639
MANISA 494 594 125
MERSIN 950 1050 1060

One of the main reasons of the Aegean and Mediterranean Region Located Transporters' choice to use Cemse Line is avoiding a round-up 1200 km drive to Istanbul which makes it almost imperative for them to use Cemse Line in order to eliminate extra costs, time loss and high amortization. Another table comparing distance advantages with some main European Cities is also shown hereunder:

IZMIR 2872 3452 3319 3828
ISTANBUL 1954 2604 2451 2980

The port's direct connection to all destinations through highway without congestion and being not effected at all by city traffic as well as being the closest port to European Ports are the main advantages of Cesme.

Ulusoy was awarded the Cesme Port privatization tender, and on 06 June 2003 the port Management was taken over by Ulusoy for a period of 30 years. The management of Çeşme Port having been taken by Ulusoy, necessary feasibility studies were made in order to bring the port into a more modern, effective and safe appearance/condition.

In this respect, a few significant steps were taken, prima facie:

a) Conditions of the former pier and administration buildings were improved;

b) The entire computer system at the customs and immigration offices were renewed using the latest technology, including on-line data connection having been established within the port;

c) The Ulusoy Custom storage and customs headquarter were built;

d) A new low coded pier for small ferries operating between Chıos and Çeşme was constructed in less than 1 year since the transfer of the port management authority.

Furthermore, the storage area which was 26.971 m2 at the time of handover will have been increased to 80.304 m2 upon completion of the present works, thus granting more efficient services.

On the other hand, inside the 50.000 m2 Customs Storage Area which was opened at the entrance of Cesme Town delivery of transit gasoil started on 06.06.2001 for the transporters using the Cesme-Trieste. Line and as from 17.11.2006 this service has been continuing inside Cesme Port in accordance with latest change in regulations. The transporters are also provided with parking facilities, rest hall and restaurant services in the Customs Storage Area.

Ulusoy continues to give services to the International Transporters with expanding fleet and increasing capacity. The increases in carriages as stated in the below table clearly show the importance and necessity of the Present Line. Our company will continue to meet the increasing demands by putting 3 additional Ro-Ro Ships in the line by 2012.

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