For us, the quality of personnel working on-shore is as much important as that of our crew working off-shore. In maritime business, the success can not be obtained by seagoing only but also by the human capital. For this reason, Ulusoy Shipping Group’s constant self-renewal and achievement of success in the market relies on its employees’ contribution and development. Our aim is to achieve the objectives of the company by maximizing our employees’ motivation, creativity and effectiveness to the highest level. In order to achieve this goal, we create equality of opportunity, give performance bonuses, encourage individual and group developments. We are also committed to protecting the environment and make sure that health and safety requirements are met.

If you want to be one of us, simply send your CV via the given form. Your resume will be automatically our poll of candidates. Any position open, your resume will be examined carefully and you will be informed accordingly.

Ulusoy Shipping Group is a suitable institution for students and new graduates to gain experience or acquire a career. There are internship opportunities for college students.

Being a Maritime Transportation and Mangement Engineering/Naval Architecture Engineering/Naval Engineering/Maritime Management graduate is an advantage.

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